CHASTE TREE - ¿puedo comer Chaste Tree embarazada ?

¿Se puede comer Chaste Tree cuando estamos embarazadas? Descubre los riesgos asociados con Chaste Tree durante el embarazo.

Chaste Tree
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Información Contraindications: Given its properties, the use of chaste tree is cons-indicated as a precaution at: pregnant and lactating women; Children and adolescents under the age of eighteen; people with familial predisposition to breast cancer or with a history of breast cancer; subjects with pituitary disorders, except if medical supervision is in place; women who started an in vitro fertilization protocol (IVF). In general, it is recommended to seek medical advice before starting a course in chaste tree. Side effects: To date, no major side effects listed. However, chaste tree cure can however cause digestive disorders, dizziness, headache, acne breakouts and allergic reactions that can lead to severe itching and swelling (edema). Precautions: The chaste tree contains powerful active ingredients. It is highly recommended to use it under medical supervision.
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