SOFT-BOILED EGG - ¿puedo comer Soft-Boiled Egg embarazada ?

¿Se puede comer Soft-Boiled Egg cuando estamos embarazadas? Descubre los riesgos asociados con Soft-Boiled Egg durante el embarazo.

Soft-Boiled Egg
Sí, pero...
Para evitar
Los riesgos Salmonellosis, Listeriosis
Información Is not suitable for pregnant women because it is not cooked enough.
Todas estas recomendaciones se proporcionan solo con fines informativos, no pueden reemplazar el consejo de su médico.
soft-boiled-egg embarazada

Eggs are strongly recommended in the diet of pregnant women. With numerous trace elements such as zinc, iron, iodine (using fetal development), rich in vitamins (more than 1 are present in this food: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D, E and K) and in food proteins (equivalent to 1g egg hamburger </ a >), it is a shock ally when you have to follow a pregnancy nutrition and also ... not to gain too much weight! Nevertheless, there are risks of listeriosis and salmonellosis. If your opt for a boiled egg, 3 minutes cooking, make sure you eat it when it's extra-fresh, it should be consumed no later than 9 days after the laying.

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