FRIED EGG - ¿puedo comer Fried Egg embarazada ?

¿Se puede comer Fried Egg cuando estamos embarazadas? Descubre los riesgos asociados con Fried Egg durante el embarazo.

Fried Egg
Sí, pero...
Para evitar
Los riesgos Salmonellosis, Listeriosis
Información Adecuado para las mujeres embarazadas si se elige fresca, a continuación, bien cocinada.
Todas estas recomendaciones se proporcionan solo con fines informativos, no pueden reemplazar el consejo de su médico.
fried-egg embarazada

Eggs have multiple benefits for pregnant women and are recommended during pregnancy; thanks to both its high protein inatke and its trace elements and vitamins, it can easily replace the meat . However it is advisable to be careful regarding its cooking method: eating a fried egg while pregnant poses risks of salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis and listeriosis because it is partially cooked. It is highly preferable to consume it extra fresh, in 9 days after laying at the latest. Pregnant women who are not immunized against toxoplasmosis should seek to eliminate it from their diet.

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